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Sigma Fall Softy Review

Sigma Fall Softly Palette Review

Hey there my loves! As you might remember from my Sigma Warm Neutrals Palette review, I'm a pretty huge fan of Sigma palettes. Their shadows have such a unique, soft texture.

Today I am reviewing the Fall Softly Palette, which is a very pastel-based mixture of colors. This palette is very different from the rest of their palettes.

Here we go!


The Fall Softly Palette is encased in the exact same packaging as the Warm Neutrals Palette. The description of the shades are as follows:

Kissing Cousin - Matt Buttery Bisque
Candied - Matte Cool Pink
Lyrical - Frosty Light Pink (this is almost like a champagne pink, with a touch of lavender in some lightings)
Gracious - Shimmery Gold Peach
Austere - Very Light Matte Peach
Heart 2 Heart - Matte Light Salmon Peach-Pink
Lovely - Matte Midtone Pink
Keen On You - Very Light Matte Taupe
Silver Tongued - Frosty Glittery Light Blue (I always call this one a periwinkle blue)
Buddy Buddy - Matte Slightly Blue Slate Grey
Go Deep - Matte Dark Grey
Elderberry - Saturated Dark Purple Matte

Yup, some interesting shade names in there! Ha!

These shades are so soft and buttery. They are the softest eyeshadows I have ever used. It's nice because you get a lot of product and the texture is so creamy and soft that the shades blend perfectly and very easily. For some reason, I find these colors blend out even better than the Warm Neutrals Palette shades. Not sure why. But even the darker, richer ones do, like Go Deep and Elderberry (two bottom right shades). I find them so easy to use and it's almost impossible to mess up a look with these, since they blend so well.

Now, these colors are very pastel and light though. I don't have a palette like this at all. Almost every shade is pastel. Therefore, it would be wise to use a light (preferably white) base underneath them, so they show up more. A white base makes all shades more vibrant and show up more, but these types of light colors especially need it. It will make the colors pop more. The shades are super duper pigmented (which I can always expect from Sigma) but because they are so pastel, some may find that some of the shades don't have a ton of color payoff. But they are gorgeous and make for a very pretty, soft look and are supposed to be somewhat muted.

I tend to like a little more drama and definition with a lot of my eye looks, so if I can't get enough definition from the dark grey shade in this palette, I will just use some really dark colors from another palette. But I have created tons of looks with just this palette and they turned out great.

One of my favorite colors is the frosty, shimmery light blue at the bottom left. This color is so pigmented and beautiful and it is more of a periwinkle blue. I love it all over the lid. I like using the midtone pink shade (Lovely) as a transition color often. The light peaches in the left center row make for gorgeous matte lid shades (been quite into light matte lid shades lately). And Lyrical (champagne pink sheen) is another favorite. It's stunning.

As with pretty much all of my eyeshadows, I find that using my finger makes some of these apply even more vibrantly and rich.


Kissing Cousin, Candied, Austere, Heart 2 Heart, Silver Tongued and Buddy Buddy

Lyrical, Gracious, Lovely, Keen On You, Go Deep and Elderberry

As you can see, the shades are absolutely gorgeous. Yes some of them are quite light, but that's the point. This palette is great for those who want to try some color but are not quite brave enough for bold shades, and it's also great for those who want a soft look and don't like too much definition and drama.

However, don't get me wrong because you CAN create dramatic looks with this palette! And that rich purple shade (Elderberry) is really dark. It's like a rich regal purple with even a bit of a blue-ish tone. It's also very buildable. I love lots of definition in my looks and I still adore this palette. It's also a very nice change to use pastel colors on the lid. I love how it looks and I think all skintones and eyecolors look good in pastels!

I totally recommend this palette all the way. It's gorgeous! You can't go wrong with Sigma shadows - they are just so rich and buttery and pigmented. This palette is for sure one of the most unique palettes I own. I don't use it on the regular or anything, but it definitely gets used and I adore the colors. I also sometimes like using some of the lighter matte shades as bases with other looks. Not to mention, I don't own a rich dark purple quite like the Elderberry shade in this palette, and the shimmery periwinkle, well, I just can't get enough of that one! All of the shades are beautiful.

This is an all-around excellent palette! And of course, as with all Sigma palettes, it contains Vitamin E and is Paraben-free.

You can get this palette HERE 

Ingredients:  Mica, Talc, Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Boron Nitride, Ethylhexyl Palminate, Pentaerythrityl Tetraisostearate, Polymenthyl Methacrylate, Nylon, Tocopheryl Acetate, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol.

Do you have any Sigma Palettes or individual shadows? What do you think and what are your favorites? I'd love to hear from you! Comment below!

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Friday, 5 June 2015

Makeup Geek Haul & Swatches

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Haul & Swatches

Hello my loves! Today I am finally doing the Makeup Geek Haul & Swatches post that I mentioned in the past. This post won't really contain a review, since I have already reviewed Makeup Geek shadows HERE when I reviewed the Starter Kit with 9 colors. These are different ones, and I'm showing you my haul and lovely swatches!

I am an avid Makeup Geek lover. I completely adore the shadows. I tend to incorporate Makeup Geek eyeshadows into almost all of my eye looks.

I got 14 shades in total. Here we go!

Shimmermint is a gorgeous shimmery metallic mint green. I love this color all over the lid. It's creamy and buttery like most Makeup Geek shadows, and it's a great way to bring some color to your look while being slightly muted.

Pop Culture is a gorgeous vivid purple. It has some pearl effect in the finish. It's a beautiful pigmented shade and I don't have any other purples like this. It's a stunner.

Hipster is a great cool-toned shade. It's described as a "dark sand/light taupe tan". It's very similar to the shade Barcelona Beach. The main difference is that Barcelona Beach is matte and a teensy bit lighter and this shade has a very slight sheen. It's excellent! Love it.

White lies is a great matte stark-white shade. I like using this all over my lid as a base on top of primer. I also love using it on the brow bone. It can be used in the inner corners as well. White eyeshadows can surprisingly be quite versatile. Many like to use them as cheekbone highlights too, especially if there is some shimmer, like Ice Queen, which is coming up. 


White Lies, Pop Culture, Shimmermint and Hipster

Envy is a very deep, rich metallic green. This shade is stunning. It could be used all over the lid and also makes a good crease or outer corner shade as well, even though it is shimmery, because it's quite dark.

Glass Slipper is so beautiful. I just love this shade. It's a gorgeous teal color with shimmer. The pictures don't even do it justice. It's a very aqua-mermaid kinda hue. Amazing.

Preppy is a very unique color. It is described as a "matte khaki brown". It's not really warm, not really cool. It's a lighter toned brown with an almost greenish-yellowishness to it. Kind of an ugly color actually when you think about it! But it can look great on the eyes and makes a great crease and transition shade with many looks. It's quite awesome actually.

Ahh, Bitten. A gorgeous rich, dark red maroon shade. This revs up any look. I adore it. It's beautiful in the crease and outer corner and can also work as a transition color. And over the lid. It doesn't really matter! It's just so unique. You just don't need a lot of it because it's crazy pigmented. Love this one too.


Envy, Glass Slipper, Preppy and Bitten

Dirty Martini is a matte olive green. This shade goes so great with the green and green-blue shades. I love this in this crease area. It's also a nice color to incorporate into many other looks with different colors. I love using unexpected shades in the crease, it makes an eyelook so much more extraordinary. 

Ice Queen is a shimmery white frost color. It's similar to White Lies of course, but has shimmer. Still not a lot of shimmer, but enough to notice. It's very frosty and looks gorgeous in the inner corner area. Also makes a great browbone highlight or even cheekbone highlight. It can be worn all over the lid or as a "topcoat" on the center of another shadow. It's lovely!

I love the name of this shade, because it really is a sensuous color! This is a glittery plum purple. It's beautiful. I just love this all over the lid. This color looks incredible on everyone and you just can't go wrong shimmery purple shades! This one is a gem.

Peacock is a beautiful matte deep teal blue. This color also goes great with the blues and green-blues. This is perfect in the crease and outercorner. But you gotta be careful because it's so insanely pigmented and very dark. I always start with very tiny amounts and slowly build up. It's a gorgeous shade!  Great way to add depth and definition to a look.


Dirty Martini, Ice Queen, Sensuous and Peacock

And a couple more:

Cupcake is a matte medium pink shade. It's not bright pink, it's more of a slightly brown pink. It's perfect in the crease and as a transition shade and I use this for so many looks. It especially looks great with purple looks. Love this color. It's a staple.

Frappe is a beautiful warm brown. It's called a "maple brown matte" and I think that's the perfect description. I love warm crease and transition shades. This color is similar to Creme Brulee (also by Makeup Geek) but a little richer and deeper. Love this one too!


Frappe and Cupcake

So there you have it. That's my Makeup Geek haul. I love this brand so much and I think the prices are great. The shadows all have such great pigmentation and they blend so easily. Makeup Geek will always be one of my very top favorite brands. Marlena (Makeup Geek's founder) has lots of new stuff coming out too, some soon, and some kinda later, but Makeup Geek will be having foundations and concealers in the future. And even contouring and highlighting colors. I am excited. 


 Pop Culture

All of my beloved Makeup Geek shadows in a Z-Palette (except some Foiled Shadows, which I will do a review on soon!)

As you know, I completely recommend Makeup Geek shadows. You won't be disappointed! They are some of the best shadows out there. Love love love them and couldn't go without these in my collection!

You can get Makeup Geek shadows straight from the website HERE.

Hope you all have a fabulous and beautiful day!

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