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Bare Minerals Blush Review

Bare Minerals Blush Review in Hint

                                              (photo courtesy: bare minerals)

Hi ladies! I am a bit of a blush collector you could say... I have tons of blushes, tons of different shades and all by different brands. I cannot seem to get enough blush. I have mostly all powders. A few cream ones. Just a couple of loose powders, and this is one of them. 

I love Bare Minerals. Most of their products are entirely pure and made only of minerals. This blush is no exception - it's 100% mineral blush and it's perfect for sensitive skin and for those who care about what's in their products. And one of the great things about mineral makeup, is it is naturally very richly pigmented. I have several Bare Minerals products, and everything is so pigmented. I just love this brand.

So lets get on to the review of this blush!

Bare Minerals Blush in Hint

Like all Bare Minerals products, there is a variety of shades for the blush. There are a total of 21 shades! Not very many companies have that many colors for a blush. They all have really cute names, like Laughter, Amused, and Giddy Pink.

I chose Hint, which is a medium pink, and is described as a warm pink. I find it is kind of like a dusty rose color. I have a lot of blushes in fairly similar colors, but this one is quite different. A little darker, and a totally different tone. To me, there almost seems to even be a little touch of a lavender shade in there.

Bare Minerals Blush in Hint

So this blush is for all skin types of course, even dry skin, because it is somewhat creamy once it is on. It is designed to give you a healthy glow and there is a little tiny touch of shimmer in this shade. Nothing over the top. Very muted shimmer. I find it gives a pearly iridescence.

This is even ideal for people who have really problematic skin, like acne issues. Because it is so very gentle that it won't disrupt your sensitive skin.

This color is universally flattering. I would however advise the extra pale ladies out there to apply this with a light hand.

 Bare Minerals Blush in Hint

I just love this shade. I think it is absolutely gorgeous. I am very happy that I chose this color. It was slightly outside of what I normally get and I wanted something a little different. It's the most pretty deep pink color.

When applying blush, you should start at the apples of the cheeks, and work outward toward your hairline. Applying to just the apples of cheeks can sometimes give a funny look, sorta like there are little colored circles there. It's always best to just lightly blend it all out and up along the cheekbones outwardly.

Bare Minerals Blush in Hint

This stuff is very long lasting. It doesn't seem to move off my face. The color stays rich and vibrant all day. And I love that I am using something that is good for my skin. Minerals are well known to be very healthy for the complexion.

This blush is free of:

Synthetic Dyes
Synthetic Fragrances 

This stuff is also very soft on the skin. I love the feel of it. It is also buildable, so you can create a more dramatic look if you wish. And it blends perfectly!

Swatch: Hint

Isn't the color just gorgeous? It's like a dusty rose in my opinion. Can you see the little hint of lavender in there? It's very unique. I just love this shade!

So I am very pleased with this blush. I would love to try it in some other colors sometime. It gives a very natural effect. It doesn't irritate my skin at all, and it has such beautiful pigmentation. You don't need much to get lots of color with this. I don't pick up much product on my brush when using this, because you don't need to. It's just so rich and pretty!

You can get this blush HERE

Ingredients: Mica (CI 77019), Bismuth Oxychloride (CI 77163), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77499, CI 77491), Carmine (CI 75470)

What is your favorite shade of blush to wear? Have you tried Bare Minerals Blushes before? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!
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  1. It's an amazing fresh shade and even though it's loose pigmentation it's surprisingly easy to work with :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Hi Charlotte! I take it you have this :o) Yes, it's really easy to work with. I am not always a huge fan of loose powders, but this one is just great! ♥ xo

  2. Very pretty! I'm a huge fan of Bare Minerals. I use their matte foundation and it's the best. Haven't tired the blush yet, but it seems promising!

    1. Hi La Vie! Thanks for the comment :o) I love Bare Minerals too. I haven't tried the matte foundation but always wanted to. I think you'll love the blush ♥ xo

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Tammie! It's a lovely blush and with so many colors to choose from ♥ xo


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