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TOP 5 Urban Decay Products

TOP 5  Urban Decay Products

Hi everyone! I'm back for another edition of TOP 5, where I list off my all-time 5 favorite items from a specific brand. Today it's Urban Decay Cosmetics! I just adore Urban Decay. They are one of my favorite high-end brands and I have yet to be disappointed with any of their products. 

Urban Decay is super famous for their Primer Potion (eyelid primer) and Naked line, which started out with the first Naked palette, and now there are Naked powders, foundations, lip glosses, beauty balms and more.

Urban Decay displays

It was hard to narrow down 5 favorites for me but I managed. These products have grown to be my top items from Urban Decay and I love them.

In no special order, here we go!

1. Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder 

This microfine shimmer is designed to give you a healthy glow. It has light reflecting particles in it to make your skin look really luminous. It's soooo pretty!

This powder is actually baked on a terra cotta disc for 24 hours, and then hand finished. Apparently when highlighters are baked, it intensifies the pigment and creates just the right amount of shimmer. It also gives the feel and pay off of a loose powder but bakes it into a pressed powder. 

I love the pretty rose gold box this comes in, and there is a brush at the bottom. You can use this very lightly all over your face for a pretty glow, or just on the high points to illuminate, like your cheek bones and nose.

2. Single Eyeshadows

I am in love with Urban Decay's eyeshadows. There are several different types of eyeshadows to choose from. And in the single regular eyeshadows alone there are about 75 shades to choose from! That is insane. That's not counting the Limited Edition colors that frequently come out.

I also love that the eyeshadows are free of:

Synthetic fragrances

The formula is velvety and smooth, very blendable, and extremely pigmented. There are also many uber sparkly colors to choose from, which I love, as I am slightly obsessed with sparkle and shimmer. These also last long and are formulated with the Pigment Infusion System, a channel for color that holds tightly to pigment and gives the formula its glide. There are also several different finishes. I just love these and have many favorites, such as Bordello and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again.

3. Lush Lash Mascara

Urban Decay calls this the hardest working mascara on the planet. Lush Lash is a growth serum-infused conditioning mascara. I have been using this for years and I think it's amazing.

It's thickening, lengthening, and nourishing. It is infused with Peptides as well as Panthenol (which moisturizes). The formula builds your lashes so that they will grow fuller and longer over time. It is also smudge-proof and won't move off your lashes.

This mascara will strengthen your lashes and keep them from going brittle and falling out. It's like a treatment mascara and I'm in love! It doesn't provide as much volume as I would like but it definitely lengthens. I have been hooked on this mascara for a long time because it performs so well. It's also super black and the bristles on the brush separate my lashes really well. One of a kind!

4. Naked 3 Palette

Ah, the precious Naked 3 Palette. This palette is amazing with the most beautiful rose gold toned shades. There are 12 gorgeous, high quality colors.

The original Naked Palette and the Naked 2 Palette were quite similar, I have to admit. They were unique in their own ways but still really similar and even sharing some of the same shades. Naked 3 is totally different than the other two. It's a pinky toned palette with the most beautiful rosy shades. All 12 colors are completely new, and also totally saturated in color as to be expected with Urban Decay. 

There are also some darker shades that even have little hints of deep purple and burgundy, and there are pinky-browns, as well as some gray-taupes. There is also a nice mix of pearls, mattes and shimmers. As with all of UD's shadows, these are super blendable and have an incredible texture.

5. Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

These Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners are amazing. They are water-based and contain super fine glitter in a clear gel.

The thing with most glitter liners is that there is not enough glitter in them. You usually have to keep applying it over and over and over until you get the desired amount of glitter for your line. These are loaded with teeny tiny glitters and you don't need to keep going over and over to get what you want. Another common complaint with glitter eyeliners is that they sting the eyes. There is something in most formulas that are irritating to the eyes. But not Urban Decay's. There is no sting, it's gentle!

These can be brushed over your eyeshadows to add sparkle on top of them. They can also be added right next to your black gel or liquid liner (double-line look) to add a sparkly colorful line to liven things up. And you can use them of course to make lines on their own. These are also nice to use on the lower eyelid in the inner-corner area. 

These are really pretty!

So those are my top 5 favorite Urban Decay products. As I said, it wasn't too easy to narrow down faves, because I love so many things from Urban Decay, but these would definitely be my go-to products that I am loving the most right now.

Urban Decay is always coming out with something new and amazing, so I'm always excited to see what's next. 

Hope you enjoyed the post and I will see you for my next TOP 5 soon!

What are your favorite Urban Decay products that you cannot live without? I would love to know! Share with me in the comments below!
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  1. Urban Decay has so many awesome products! I also like their shimmer highlighter powder and the Naked 3 Palette is by far my favourite out of all their naked palettes...I love the rosy pinkish tones.

    Keisha xo

    1. Hi Keisha! I know, I just love Urban Decay! I also love the rosy tones of the Naked 3 Palette. I loved the first two, but Naked 3 is definitely my favorite by far :o) ♥ xo


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